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Looking for a way to streamline your payroll and reporting processes? Let us help. Amara & Associates proudly provides expert, hassle-free payroll services for companies of all sizes. Our team removes the burden of tedious payroll tasks from your staff and ensures that even the most minute of details are attended to. From setup to reporting, we handle every aspect of this important job so you’re free to do what you do best: Run your business effectively.

Amara & Associates can help you address payroll tax compliance concerns, save time, and optimize payroll service delivery. We've been providing flexible, automated payroll solutions to businesses of all sizes via QuickBooks. Outsourcing this key aspect of your human resource management can help you make improvements in several areas.

-Manage the entire payroll process via an easy-to-use interface
-Help ensure that the right payroll tax amounts are withheld and deposited for every employee
-Empower administrators, managers and workers alike with mobile payroll solutions
-Access and report on payroll, HR services and time and attendance data using customizable, on-the-fly reporting
-Comply with overtime rules through more accurate time entry, calculations and tracking
-Anticipate and plan for how regulatory and other changes to both employment and unemployment laws will impact you
-Lower the risk, incidence and impacts of fines, penalties, lawsuits and judgments
-Reduce HR management burdens with self-service features for managers  


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