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Keep track of your business. Amara & Associates offers professional and Accurate bookkeeping services.  

What about Small Business Owners (SBO)?
Most SBOs usually does their own Bookkeeping, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and Financial Statement Reporting. This leaves the SBO with very little time to perform revenue generating activities. And even worse, an SBO who is doing everything including their own accounting can make mistakes that could eventually cost them more money. Below are examples of effects that was caused by poor accounting.

  • Overpayment of Income Taxes
  • Penalties for late filling, late payments, and under reporting of taxes owed
  • Accrual of Bank Charges 
  • Late payment fees from vendors
  • Losing sales because products are out of stock
  • Disgruntled Employees for incorrectly calculated paychecks
  • Dissatisfied clients for incorrectly posted payments
What services can an outsourced bookkeeping package provide? We can provide you all the services that your dream accounting department can provide.  We can save SBOs Time and Money.

At Amara & Associates, we provide QuickBooks consulting services on an individual or group basis.

Keeping track of your finances takes a fair amount of time, energy, and patience. And you probably have a lot of other things on your plate. So don't struggle to keep up with all that number-crunching and paperwork. Our bookkeeping services are designed to make your life easier so that you can focus on what you do best.

At Amara & Associates, we're dedicated to client satisfaction, and we're prepared to go the extra mile to earn your business and trust. We pride ourselves on attention to detail in all that we do, and we're ready to put our skills and knowledge to work for you. For more information about our services or to schedule a consultation, call us today


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